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Hurricane Cristobal

Aug 26

Hurricane Cristobal split the uprights between North Carolina's Outer Banks, Bermuda, southeast New England and Atlantic Canada in late August 2014, despite some long-range model solutions a week or more before its formation.


After moving through the Caribbean as an disorganized cluster of storms, the U.S. Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunters flew into the disturbance on August 23 to determine whether a surface low pressure circulation -- which requires not only the east or northeast winds typically found in the Northern Hemisphere tropics, but also a westerly wind -- was present.

On August 25, Cristobal strengthened to a hurricane, fighting off moderate wind shear and impressively dry air to its west and northwest. Cristobal then took a final northeast turn on August 27, passing almost half way between the Outer Banks of North Carolina and Bermuda.